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Message from the Chairman

           Gang Wang, MD, PhD
               Professor and Chairman

               Department of Dermatology

               Xijing Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University


    I inaugurated the chair of our department in 2011. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve with the appreciation of all the honors and responsibilities endowed by this position. When I look back, predecessor chairmen Prof. Yu-Feng Liu and Prof. Tian-Wen Gao took the office in an environment of extreme shortage. But they injected the department with passion and optimism, set lofty goals, overcame all hardships, and finally raised a department comprising only a handful of people thriving into a dermatology hospital embracing more than 200 staff in one and a half decade, making us evolving from nobody to what we are today: a national leader in dermatovenereology, a Provincial and National Key Discipline, a PhD program discipline and a PLA Institute of Dermatovenerology.
    As a successor of this honorable team, I pledge to continue enthusiastic, dedicated and vibrant leadership, striving for more breakthroughs in health care, research, education and administration together with my people. In the last few years, we launched a campaign to coordinate quality improvement with scale expansion. Our attentions were claimed on the establishment of 8 medical divisions devoted to provide more specialized and thorough solutions. Each of them was assigned an elected young PhD to lead as the administrative director under the auspices of a professor as the academic director, so that each division is spurred with fresh entrepreneurship and convoyed by experienced professionalism. We also improved the quality of health care by organizing routine trainings for each division and the whole department every week so that our people will be equipped with updated knowledge for delivering better health care. We open 16 disease-based clinics to help patients get out of stigmatizing skin problems; we organize a panel of professors every day at the end of morning clinic to address the most difficult cases left unsettled that day so that every patient will receive the best possible care they deserve.
    Besides, more efforts have been made on making the academia and public aware of our dermatologists who are ready to deliver excellent care. We strengthen our bond to the international society by engaging internationally reputable professors as our visiting professors who will come and speak on a regular basis; we send more people to study at worldly prestigious institutions to bring back most-up-to-date progress; we are more active and enthusiastic making our own voice on international events and publications; we host various training programs and seminars to bring together dermatologists, from experts to entry-level residents, and provide them the opportunity to learn, to share, and to thrive; we enthusiastically engaged in videoing patient education programs with regional and national media ,so that a broader range of patients will be influenced and educated for skin protection.
    Our commitment to quality skin care has been well testified by the illustrious 60-year history. In a new era of challenge and opportunity, health care consumers are changing their expectations and our competitive health organizations are responding fast. It’s not enough for us to sit on the sideline knowing that the best we can ever achieve is not being done. We’ve laid out our vision for the next 15 years that we will make our way into the best dermatology hospital in China and the among the most cutting-edge dermatology institutions in the world, where all effective treatments are resorted to, patients are taken the best care of, students are inspired to take up our role, and staff are pursuing a decent and rewarding career. Let our motto “harmonizing, striving and exceeding” be better fulfilled by us, as true advocates for health, happiness and longevity.



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