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The Department of Dermatology at Xijing Hospital developed from the Department of Dermatology at Jinsui Military Medical School estalished in May 1949. Upon foundation, it was only equipped with 6 medical personnel and 10 beds. Despite facility constraints, it still won a significant seat in Northwest China and the entire army at large. Prof Yao-Cheng XI, the first chairman, was a highly accomplished expert and national vanguard on the research and treatment of psoriasis, syphilis, gonorrhea and other venereal diseases. His invention “Yin Xue Ping” was responded well in the treatment of psoriasis and is still used frequently in the clinic today.
Prof. Yao-Cheng XI
In 1970s, Prof. Ke-Zhuang WEI took the office. His team pioneered in applying isotope-P to angioma and keloid. He was also the earliest one establishing academic ties with Japanese dermatology. His contributions laid a solid foundation for our department in terms of international cooperation and academic development.


Prof. Ke-Zhuang WEI

In early 1980s, the department was chaired by Prof. Peng-Ju GUAN. He set up dermatologic mycology section and a clinical laboratory. His understandings on the psoriasis pathogenesis- immunology- mental psychology correlation as well as psoriasis treatment and dermatologic mycology were highly recognized.


Prof. Peng-Ju GUAN

In 1985, Prof. Nai-Zeng CHE assumed the chairmanship. Under his guidance, a large scale department integrating patient care, scientific research and education began to take shape. He emphasized on clinical skill training, established dermatopathology section, immunology section and laboratories, and purchased a batch of equipment for clinics and labs. During his tenure, external medications devised and prepared by the department were recognized by patients from all over China for its efficacy. The department expanded to 200 clinic visits per day and 20 beds. In 1987, MD admission began. The department's commitment to serving the army was demonstrated by medical corps sent to the front line and new drugs designed for battlefield.
Prof. Nai-Zeng CHE
In 1993, Prof. Yu-Feng LIU was appointed the chairman. Prof. Liu is respected for his modest and noble personality, knowledgeable and skillful proficiency, innovative scientific thinking and inspiring teaching. His experience in psoriasis and venereal diseases is profound and distinctive. During his tenure, he made an research-drivien developmental plan, enabling the department made a great leap forward in clinical practice, education and research. The department was granted numerous funds, nurtured a number of MDs and PhDs, and published plenty articles in world-leading peer-reviewed journals. An impressive talent echelon began to take shape and draw public attention.
Prof. Yu-Feng LIU
In 1997, Prof. Liu volunteered to give his place to Prof. Tian-Wen GAO, who was a young attending physician just completed his postdoctoral training by then. Prof. Gao was exceptionally vigorous, ambitious, and creative. Upon his inauguration, he set bold goals of “national key discipline” and “hospital scale” for the following 15 years and “best in China, well-known in the world” for long term. Under his leadership, the whole department fostered a “harmonizing, striving, exceeding” environment and reaped amazing achievements. By 2011, the department increased exponentially from a mini department with 10 people to a huge department staffed with 220+ personnel, the highest outpatient visits for consecutive years (accounting for 1/9 of all visits in Xijing Hospital) and the highest net medical income. We were accredited PhD program in 1998, Shaanxi Key Discipline in 2001, National Key Discipline in 2002, and PLA Institute of Dermatology in 2006. We are among the five National-Key-Discipline dermatologies in China, the only one in West China. In 2011 one the department was officially entitled “Xijing Dermatology Hospital”.  

Prof. Tian-Wen GAO