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Cosmetic dermatology

The Cosmetic Dermatology Division at Department of Dermatology, Xijing Hospital represents one of the most sophisticated and best equipped cosmetology centers in China. Equipped with 20+ advanced laser apparatus, it provides a broad spectrum of cosmetic services.



Erbium: YAG (2,940 nm) laser, The Quantum Photo Rejuvenation Laser, LightSheer hair removal laser, Medlite C6 laser, Medlite C3 laser, Lux1540nm fractional laser, V-beam 595nm dye laser, ultra-pulse CO2 laser, long-pulse 1064 nm laser, CO2 fractional laser, e-Matrix pixel laser, E-light facial treatment system, eLaser™, VelaShape™, Cynergy multiplex dual vascular laser, AngeLite SDC Photo Aesthetic System, and Emax laser, etc.



1. Injection: wrinkle removal, filling, facial lifting, local body shaping;

2. Laser for wrinkle removal: Intensive pulse light and radiofrequency;

3. Laser for hair removal: whiskers, body hair, and upper lip hair;
4. Laser for tattoo removal: undesirable tattoo, post-traumatic tattoo, eyebrow tattoo;
5. Scar repair: acne scars, post-traumatic scars;
. Pigmentation diseases: chloasma, freckle, cafe-au-lait-spots,
nevus of Ota;

7. Vascular diseases: infantile hemangioma, venous malformations, angiotelectasis;

8. Multi-modality therapy to acne: facial cleansing, laser, tartaric acid, and photodynamic;

9. Removal of benign neoplasms: verrucae, lentigines, xanthoma, syringoma, seborrheic keratosis;

10. Cosmeceuticals and skin detection