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Outpatient clinics overview

Outpatient Division at Department of Dermatology encompasses 19 consulting clinics and 10 function rooms locating on the F1~F3 of Clinical Building. Consulting clinics provide not only general dermatology, but also specialized service, e.g. cosmetic clinic, TCM clinic, hemangioma clinic, and allergy clinic, etc. The division currently offers 28 professors and attending physicians specialized in different fields, providing quality diagnosis and treatment to a wide spectrum of skin diseases. In 2012, the annual outpatient visits were 300, 000 with 1,500 peak daily visits, ranking the highest in Xijing Hospital for a consecutive years.



Special clinics

1. Hemangioma Clinic:

Led by Prof. Ping-Shen Fan, the clinic integrates resource of the whole department, ranging from laser and surgical procedures, local injection of pingyangmycin/ triamcinolone to oral administration of propranolol, for better solution of hemangioma.


2. TCM clinic:

TCM clinic provides significant complement to conventional treatment with diagnosis and treatment based on syndrome differentiation theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It demonstrates definite efficacy to chronic urticaria, eczema, and herpes zoster, etc.


3. Cosmetic clinic:

Cosmetic clinic satisfies the special need of professional cosmetology by providing laser therapy, AHA peeling, botox injection and surgery, etc.


4. Dermatoscope clinic:

Heine dermatoscope was put into use at September 2012 as a means to further enhance diagnosing competency. By the end of 2012, it was used in the examination of 200+ cases, among which most were traced by histopathological examination. To date, the department has gained experience in the dermatoscopic diagnosis of pigmented nevus, seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis, basic cell carcinoma, lichen planus and histiocytoma.


New techniques:

In 2012, 30+ new services were added to the department’s daily practice:

Hair transplantation, morphea surgery, local injection for hemangioma, dermatoscopic examination, combined treatment for alopecia areata, IgG food intolerance test, IgE allergen testing, ImmunoCAP allergen quantitative essay, hair test, fractional laser for onychomycosis, sedation and analgesia in laser procedures, clinical pathway of herpes zoster, propranolol for pediatric hemangioma, renal dynamic imaging assessment of renal damage in skin diseases, fungus test reporting system, laser treatment archive, TCM auricular acupuncture, cutaneous needling, moving and flash cupping, and herbal hydropathic compress.


New services:

1. Clinic consulting panel

A panel of professors, physicians and graduates is organized at 11:40 every morning to discuss unsettled and refractory cases encountered on that day. By November 11, 2012, more than 1,000+ cases were referred to this consulting process. Such an institution has demonstrated our commitment to responsibility and improved experience of young dermatologists.


2. Twelve-hour examination and treatment

Examinations and treatment are available from 8:00 to 20:00 in the convenience of our patients. In response to peak workload in summer vocation, a few consulting clinics are also open in lunch time.


3. Medical assistant

Medical assistants working at the clinic and reception help patients with recharging E-card, making appointment, guiding visit and treatment. They are trained every week to enhance their knowledge of skin diseases, usage of medications, and communication skills. Medical assistants have become competent aid to both physicians and patients.


4. Optimized visit procedures

The outpatient division has carefully studied the whole visit process to optimize patient’s experience: Tips for visiting and making appointment, layout of clinics, flowchart guiding initial visit to admission were printed into posters hanging in the hallway; Guide to the next location is stamped on the order for inspection to help patients find the examination room. Expert introduction, working schedule, ways to make appointments and patient education brochure are distributed to meet patient’s need.


Clinical trials

Outpatient division spares a separate clinic and physicians with GCP qualification to perform clinical trials. To date, the division has completed 10+ drug trials, including MOH health industry charity foundation funded clinical research projects, an international multicenter phase three clinic trial, and epidemiological investigations on psoriasis, eczema, verruca plana, palmoplantar pustulosis and actinic keratosis.


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