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Allergen Detection and Treatment Division integrate functions of allergen detection and treatment of allergies. It represents the largest and most versatile allergen center and the only one designated as among the 13 Institutions accredited for detecting cosmetic dermatoses by the MOH in Northwest China. It offers a full spectrum of allergen detections, including: conventional patch test, cosmetic patch test, prick test, allergen IgE test, food intolerance test, photo patch test, photo sensitivity test, detection of autoimmune urticaria-related allergens and ImmunoCAP allergen quantitative detection, yielding precise and rapid results of respiratory, ingestive, contact and photosensitive allergens. The division is equipped with its own laboratory, which significant expedites and improves the efficiency of reporting. It provides comprehensive solution integrating immunotherapy approved by FDA, traditional Chinese medicine, acupoint catgut embedding, acupoint injection, herbal hydropathic compress, and narrow-band UVB to pruritic skin diseases and refractory allergies such as anaphylactic rhinitis, allergic asthma, urticaria and atopic dermatitis, etc.


It also enthusiastically participates in patient out reaching programs via TV programs, Internet, free education, consultation and handouts, to promote patients awareness and knowledge of allergies.