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Venerology & mycology overview

Diagnosis and treatment of venereal diseases has been part of our daily practice since the establishment of department. Today, Venerology and Mycology Division have evolved into an independent sector equipped with 10 staffs and separate room for laboratory testing and treatment. It has been designated a National Project 211 Discipline. Venerology and Mycology Division offers quality management to venereal diseases with sophisticated equipments such as MJ Research PCR system, PHEMO biological safety cabinets, SANYO cell incubator, Beckman Coulter flow cytometry, Olympus fluorescence microscope, ALA-PDT, and in vitro short-wave capacitor field hyperthermia system, etc. In 2012, the division received 600+ visits per months.


The division is responsible for executing examinations, treatments, patient education, clinical teaching and scientific research related to venereal diseases. Examination of venereal diseases on male and female patient combines physical inspection with pathogen detection using immunofluorescence technique, biochemistry, molecular biology, and cell culture, etc. All examinations were performed rigorously in compliance with international standard protocols, yielding precise and rapid results. Colposcope is also available to facilitate patients better visualize their condition. A combination of medication, CO2 laser and PDT obtained satisfactory response in the treatment of condyloma acuminate.


We highly appreciate the responsibility of protecting patient’s privacy and respecting their dignity. We tried every means to protect patients and our own personnel’s safety. Meanwhile, patient education and psychological caring is also an essential component of our daily service to patients. Ingrained with patient-oriented and quality-centered value, the division is working hard to provide patients with standard, assuring and satisfactory service.