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Thank you for choosing Xijing Dermatology, the provider of quality skin care to hundreds of thousand patients each year. As a referral center for common and rare skin diseases in Northwest China and the whole country at large, we are on the leading edge of offering patients safe and effective skin care. Our commitment to quality and excellence is testified by exponentially growing data in the past decade.



We provide patients with general dermatology and a full range of specialized services, from venerology and mycology, cutaneous surgery and pathology, allergen detection and treatment, phototherapy and medicated bath, to traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

Our department was rated No. 4 on the honor roll of Chinese best dermatological departments in the year of 2010 (Hospital Management Institute, Fudan University, Shanghai, China). We outstandingly lead in treatment and research of psoriasis, vitiligo, melanoma, connective tissue diseases, blistering skin diseases, cosmetic dermatology and dermatopathology. We have eight medical divisions devoted to providing more specialized and thorough solutions. In addition to daily routine practice, our clinics are also home to clinical trials and epidemiological research, where patients are offered the opportunity to obtain the newest treatment approaches. We also hold outreaching activities on a regular basis to raise patient awareness, in the form of pro bono education lectures, consultations, and handouts. Our reputation among patients is demonstrated by the 97% satisfaction reported in the annual patient survey conducted by the Department of Medical Affairs, Xijing Hospital.

Besides the focus on medical quality, our attention was also attracted to improving patient service. In addition to phone/on-line service and on-site patient guides, we have allocated a medical assistant to each clinic to expedite the process; therapies and examinations are available throughout the day to streamline patient’s waiting time; rare and questionable cases are sent to a panel of professors for in-depth inspection at the end of each morning clinic so that unresolved cases will be controlled to the lowest possibility; professors and attending physicians open their expert blogs to patients, making wider impact to patient’s life.

In the future, we plan to enrich our connections with more local hospitals, in the hope that referrals will become more efficient; we’ll provide patients with broader and easier options at hand to make appointments, so that they could spend more time talking to the doctor than waiting outside; we will open a green channel to patients in emergency, severity or with special needs, so that resources can be better distributed, etc.. Our faculty is striving beyond current accomplishments to find better methods, aspiring to further the knowledge of dermatology while improving care for all the patients.