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Dermatopathology and cutaneous surgery

   Dermatopathology and cutaneous surgery division was established about 30 years ago and has evolved into an advantage section with remarkable national influence. The division operates under the auspices of Prof. Wenjun Liao as the academic director, Dr. Lei Wang and Dr. Tao Zhao as administrative directors. It is staffed by 10 surgeons, 14 nurses, 1 technician and 3 support staff. We provide pathological biopsy and surgical procedures ranging from resection of benign and malignant neoplasms, epidermal and hair transplantation, to nail surgery.


    Remarkably, the dermatopathology unit was initially established to perform biopsies and provide the histopathological diagnosis of difficult skin diseases. It has developed very fast and now represents the largest and best equipped dermatopathology lab in China. In 2012 alone, a total of 11,000 biopsies and 400 immumohistochemical staining were performed. Five technicians were responsible for preparing slides and perform immunohistochemical examinations, and six doctors are in charge of signing histopathological reports. The division has undertaken 300+ consultations of difficult cases referred by local hospitals in 2012, and to date has organized 9 national training courses on dermatopathology.


    Division director, Dr. Lei Wang is responsible for the dermatopathology unit and the whole division. He is also the secretary of Dermatopathology Research Group of Chinese Society of Dermatopathology. His research interest is focused on diagnosis of cutaneous neoplasms and has 10+ papers published on international journals.



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