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2013 Xi’an International Forum on Psoriasis

Time: May 10, 2013

Location: Department of Dermatology, Xijing Hospital

Registration fee: free

Other fees: the forum offers hotel and restaurant service at participant’s expense.

Target candidates: psoriasis researchers, specialists and postgraduates.

Open seats: 200

Contact: Dr. Qiang Li Tel: +86-13991252631; E-mail:

Haiyan Yang Tel:+86-15009254710; E-mail:

Address: Department of Dermatology, Xijing Hospital, 127 Changle West Rd., Xi’an, 710032

Forum introduction:

2013 Xi’an International Forum on Psoriasis will invite speakers from UK, Japan, Mainland China and Taiwan to address the hot issues concerning basic research and clinical practice of psoriasis. The ambition of this forum is to bring together dermatologists, researchers and drug producers with shared interests in psoriasis, introduce novel perspectives, boost consensus on standard treatment, and establish a national collaborative network with international vision. The forum will offer a rich program, covering a broad spectrum of interests, ranging from basic research on biology, immunology, epigenetics and psycho-dermatology, to guidelines and clinical experience on biologics, topical treatment, phototherapy, and immunosuppressants.