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The 11th National Study Group of Dermatopathology (higher)

Time: December 6~22, 2013

Location: Department of Dermatology, Xijing Hospital

Registration fee: RMB 2,500

Other fees: the course offers dormitory and canteen service at participant’s expense


Dr. Lei Wang Tel: +86-13991315632, +86-029-84775406-8316; E-mail:

Haiyan Yang Tel: +86-15009254710; E-mail:

Address: Department of Dermatology, Xijing Hospital, 127 Changle West Rd., Xi’an, 710032

Course introduction:

Designed for experienced dermatologists and pathologists, the course covers common and rare skin inflammations and tumors.

• Textbook:

Gao TW et al, editors. Contemporary Dermatohistopathology. 2nd ed. Beijing: People’s Medical Publishing House; in compilation.

• References:

Ackerman AB, et al. Histologic Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin Diseases: An Algorithmic Method Based on Pattern Analysis. 3rd ed. New York, NY: Ardor Scribendi, 2005. Mckee PH, et al, editors. Pathology of the Skin. 3rd ed. Beijing: Peking University Medical Press, 2007.

• Course modality:

Slide interpretation using Nanozoomer Digital Pathology system assisted by lecture presentations.

• Open seats: 100

• Lecturers: Prof. Tianwen Gao, Prof. Wenjun Liao, Prof. Gang Wang, Prof. Chengxin Li, Prof. Chunying Li, Prof. Cuiling Ma, Dr. Lei Wang, Dr. Ling Liu Notice:

• Participants are advised to learn the videos of preliminary courses (free online) for twice and read the preparatory textbook Introduction to Dermatohistopathology (Gao TW, Lee WJ, editors. Introduction to Dermatohistopathology. 1st ed. Beijing: People’s Medical Publishing House; 2007.) on their own before attending class.

• Registration fee 2,500 RMB/person is charged for the course. Extension of study after the course costs additional 500 RMB/month.

• The course offers dormitory and canteen service, of which expenses will be paid by participants and reimbursed by their affiliations.

• Completed application forms should be sent to the above address via mail or email two weeks before the course. The application will be open until all the seats are taken.