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2014 Xijing 4th Senior Seminar on Cosmetic Dermatology

Time: April 1, 2014~September 30, 2014

Location: Department of Dermatology, Xijing Hospital

Registration fee: RMB 20,000

Other fees: the course offers dormitory and canteen service at participant’s expense

Registration guideline: registration forms should be sent to the contact e-mail before March 1, 2014

Contact: Haiyan Yang Tel: +86-15009254710; E-mail:

Address: Department of Dermatology, Xijing Hospital, 127 Changle West Rd., Xi’an, 710032

Course introduction

In response to the increasing need for senior cosmetic dermatologists, Department of Dermatology at Xijing Hospital has organized a Senior Seminar on Cosmetic Dermatology since 2011. The ambition of this seminar is to serve as the West Point in the cosmetic industry by leveraging our strength in know-how and equipments. Three prior seminars have received favorable comments from graduates (testimonies on

Course agenda

The seminar emphasizes sufficient practice on the basis of theoretical learning. Its primary endpoint is to enable trainees well trained in all types of laser and non-laser cosmetic procedures. Trainees are also expected to master the diagnosis and management of disfiguring skin diseases, as well as get familiar with the histopathology of frequent and aesthetics-related skin diseases. The seminar also introduces cosmeceuticals, daily skin caring, cosmetic psychology, cosmetologist etiquette and reception skills, knowledge of cosmetology education and research.

Compulsory agenda includes theoretical learning of cosmetic dermatology (2~3 times/ week), field study on laser and non-laser cosmetic procedures, general dermatology clinics, and 2+ national academic conferences organized by the Department. Optional agenda includes interpretation of dermatopathology reports (3 times/ week) and discussions on questionable cases (1 time/ week).


Senior Seminar on Cosmetic Dermatology targets to recruit candidates meeting the following requirements: a) with a bachelor degree in clinical medicine or above; b) at least 6 months experience working as a cosmetic dermatologist or general dermatologist; c) board-licensed practitioner.

Trainees recommended by their employees will be returned to their institutions as agreed in the contract. Freelancers with outstanding performance have the chance to win a position at our department or be recommended to other large cosmetic service providers.

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