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Agenda of continuing education lectures in 2013




Pathological report writing

Dr. Lei Wang

Medical photography: obtaining and processing

Prof. Hailong Zhang

Foundation of Dermatopathology (A)

Prof. Tianwen Gao

Foundation of Dermatopathology (B)

Prof. Chunying Li

Diagnostic pathway of blistering diseases

Prof. Gang Wang

Application of immunosuppressant in dermatology

Prof. Chengxin Li

Types and significance of autoantibodies in  connective tissue diseases

Prof. Wei Li


Prof. Yufeng Liu

Pigmented nevus and melanoma

Prof. Tianwen Gao

Skin diseases with eosinophilia

Dr. Meng Fu

Cutaneous tuberculosis and non-tuberculosis mycobacterial infection

Prof. Gang Wang

Drug eruption and drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome

Prof. Pingshen Fan

Clinical and pathological features of Spitz nevus

Dr. Lei Wang

EB virus and relevant skin diseases

Dr. Ling Liu

Opportunistic infections in AIDS

Prof. Cuiling Ma

Guidelines to pemphigus diagnosis and treatment

Prof. Pingshen Fan

STD: syphilis and AIDS

Prof. Shengchun Wang


Prof. Wenjun Liao

TCM therapy for chronic urticaria

Dr. Yueyuan Xiao

Herpes progenitalis

Prof. Cuiling Ma


Prof. Wenjun Liao

Techniques in the use of glucocorticoids

Prof. Tianwen Gao

Guidelines to angioma diagnosis and treatment

Prof. Pingshen Fan

Comprehensive treatment to scars

Prof. Cuiling Ma

Allergen detection and desensitization

Prof. Xiaodong Zhao

Therapeutic strategy to atopic dermatitis

Prof. Chengxin Li

Diagnosis and differentiation of black lines underneath the nail

Dr. Lei Wang

Cutaneous mycosis

Prof. Bin Liu

Toxic epidermal necrolysis

Dr. Meng Fu

Application of phototherapy to common skin diseases

Dr. Qiang Li

Consultations about sensitive skin and cosmetics

Dr. Kai Li

TCM in dermatology

Dr. Qian Xiao