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Research specialties

  1. Pathogenesis and biotherapy of psoriasis

  Pathogenesis and biotherapy of psoriasis is a mainstay research interest of our laboratory. In the past 2 decades, a research group led by Prof. Gang Wang, Prof. Yufeng Liu, Prof. Chengxin Li and Prof. Wei Li has been devoted to the immunological pathogenesis of this disorder. They have accomplished a lot in keratin autoantibodies, Keratin 17, keratin biological functions and innate immunity, etc. Their research was funded by more than 20 grants including NSFC key projects.

  2. Pathogenesis of vitiligo

  Pathogenesis of vitiligo is another major research interest of our laboratory. Vitiligo is a frequent skin disease causing enormous esthetic concerns. Based on their prior study, our research group led by Prof. Tianwen Gao and Prof. Chunying Li has found that exposure to melanocytic antibodies and initiation of autoimmune responses may cause damage to melanocytes as the main pathogenesis. The research aimed to recognize melanocyte-associated T cell epitopes, investigate the influence of oxidative stress to antibody exposure, epitope modification and extension, as well as elucidate the mechanism of oxidative stress activating specific cells to damage melanocytes. The research was funded by many grants including NSFC key projects.

  3. Pathogenesis and treatment of autoimmune bullous diseases

  The research group led by Prof. Gang Wang strives to identify the pathogenic antigens and epitopes of bullous pemphigoid, and conduct pre-clinical research on the probability of treating bullous pemphigoid with bio-engineered antibodies. Research work in this field was awarded by many grants including NSFC major program fund for international cooperation.

  4. Research on fatal bacterial granuloma after trauma (FBGT)

  The aim of this research group led by Prof. Tianwen Gao is to identify the specific pathogenesis of FBGT and develop its treatment protocol. FBGT is an entity first discovered and named by Prof. Tianwen Gao. Research in this field was granted many NSFC funds. Preliminary results were reported on 2011 China Top 10 News on Medical Sciences, and were awarded first prize of military medical achievement in 2008.

  5. Molecular genetics of skin diseases

  This research group led by Prof. Chunying Li aims to identify the molecular genetics of major skin diseases including vitiligo and psoriasis. By far, we have established a DNA database for major skin diseases, in which multiple SNP loci associated with vitiligo and psoriasis were identified preliminarily. Plenty of research in this field was published on Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

  6. Pathogenesis of skin tumors

  The research group led by Prof. Wenjun Liao and Prof. Cuiling Ma is devoted to investigate the pathogenesis of melanoma and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. In terms of melanoma, research mainly focused on the correlation between Wnt signaling pathway and melanoma occurrence/ metastasis. Research in squamous cell carcinoma is mainly about the correlation between all types of HPV infections and squamous cell carcinoma.

  7. Basic study and clinical research on skin laser cosmetology

  Research in this field is conducted by virtue of our cosmetic center which represents the earliest and largest laser cosmetic center in China. The research group led by Prof. Chengxin Li is engaged in the study of frequent disfiguring pigmental and vascular skin diseases for the investigation of clinical resolution and basic mechanism of laser treatment.