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Research Overview

 Department of Dermatology at Xijing Hospital is home to National Key Discipline and PLA Institute of Dermatology and Venerology. The laboratory is equipped with 3000 m2 workspace and 30+ million RMB (4.8+ million USD) research facility, including FCM, NIKON ECLIPSE 80i, TEM and cryostat microtome, etc. It integrates full-fledged biology, immunology and pathology platform units with a newly built platform for new drug development. In the past decades, it has served 50+ national researched projects and published 100+ articles and reviews in SCI-indexed journals. The lab consists of 4 research groups, working on fields including immunologic pathogenesis and biotherapy of psoriasis, pathogenesis of vitiligo, pathogenesis and treatment of blistering skin diseases, FBGT, molecular genetics of dermatoses and basic/clinical research of cosmetic laser dermatology, etc.




Research staff

The department has developed with an echelon of senior, middle-aged and young researchers. The experienced researchers Prof. Yu-Feng Liu, Prof. Tian-Wen Gao, Prof. Gang Wang, Prof. Cheng-Xin Li, Prof. Chun-Ying Li, Prof. Bin-Liu, Prof. Wen-Jun Liao, Prof. Cui-Ling Ma and Prof. Wei Li has become the leading or mainstay figure in their own field. In 2012, we also invited Prof. Hongjiang Qiao from Hokkaido University to operate our laboratory as an independent division, and recruited 10 full-time assistant investigators. 



Programs and publications


In 2012, the lab was granted a NSFC major international cooperative program and other national and university-level funds totaling 13 million RMB. As of the first half of 2013, the lab proactively contributed 25 candidate programs competing for NSFC. The lab recently received a Milstein Medical Asian American Partnership Foundation Award, and an international cooperative program.


In 2012, 13 articles from the lab were published in SCI-indexed journals, among which 1 was on J Invest Dermatol (IF 6.343), 1 on Eur J Immunol and 1 on Free Radic Biol Med. More than 50 works in Chinese were published in CSTPCD journals including Chinese Journal of Dermatology and Journal of Clinical Dermatology. As of the first half of 2013, 17 articles were published in SCI-indexed journals, including 1 review on Med Res Rev (IF 10.7), and 1 case report on JAMA (IF 30.026).