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The Department harvested heavy awards in 2013 CSD Annual Meeting

Department of Dermatology at Xijing Hospital was one of the biggest prize-winner in the 19th Annual Meeting of China Society of Dermatology held in Chengdu during June 20 to 23, 2013. The grand academic event attracted more than 3,000 dermatologists from China and abroad. The 20+ professors, physicians and graduate students of the department delivered 27 oral presentations and chaired 10 sessions.

In the teaching competition organized by CSD, Associate Professor Wei LI won first prize, demonstrating the department’s traditional excellence and strength in education. He was also the laureate of “Annual Academic Award” because of his reception of 2 NSFC grants in the past 3 years. PhD student Zhe JIAN was rated first prize of excellent post-graduate student, MD student Chao WEI and Ye HUANG was awarded second prize, and PhD student Xiao-Wen Wang received “Award for Excellent Posters”. The department was designated “Best Academic Organizer” and “Best Participating Institution” by the organizing committee.