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The department was appointed “Center of Excellence for PXE Research and Clinical Care in China”

The plate of “Center of Excellence for PXE Research and Clinical Care in China” was officially unveiled on October 19 at the Academic Hall of FMMU Xijing Hospital in Xi’an, China, thanks to the joint efforts of FMMU Department of Dermatology, Jefferson Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Biology and PXE International. 

 Prof. Jin Xia, vice president of Xijing Hospital, Ms Sharon F. Terry, CEO of PXE International, Prof. Jouni Uitto and Prof. Jiang Qiujie, Chair and associate professor of Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Biology at Jefferson Medical University, Prof. Gang Wang, Chair of Department of Dermatology at Xijing Hospital participated the plate unveiling ceremony.

PXE International is  a patient advocacy organization founded in 1995 to promote research and support individuals affected by pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE). Under its umbrella, it united subsidiaries in different countries in conducting basic and clinical research and providing financial support for applied translational research, product development, and treatment development for PXE. (Visit official website to know more about PXE International. This center in Xijing Hospital represented the first offical PXE research institute in China, which was designed to promote PXE research progress, facilitate translational medicine for clnical practice and finally expedite PXE research in China from every perspective through internatioanl cooperation.

After the ceremony, the partner institutions conducted in-depth exchanges on their latest research progress. Prof. Jouni Uitto and Prof. Jiang Qiujie presented reported on Molecular Genetics of Heritable Ectopic Calcification and Interpreting the Premature Termination Condon in ABCC6 Gene: a potential treatment of PXE. Dr. Jin Liang, PhD of the Department, reported Clinical Data and Mutations in ABCC6 Gene of Chinese PXE patients. The two parties also made further consensus and arrangements on their cooperating project "Molecular Diagnostics of Heritable Skin Diseases: a China US Colloration" which received support from the Milstein Medical Asian American Partnership Foundation earlier this year.