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Ten Major Events in 2015


1.Prof. Gang Wang was appointed the vice chairman of Chinese Society of Dermatology.
2. Associate professor Meng Fu was elected a vice chairman of the Department; talent developing efforts were in new progress: research fellow Jieyu Zhang finished her study in Thomas Jefferson University in the US; 5 doctors, research fellows and PhD students are studying aboard.
3. Young dermatologist Dr. Lei Wang was the first to report a new entity——acral hemosideric lymphatic malformation. His finding was exhibited in the achievement show of Chinese Society of Dermatology 78th Anniversary.
4. The department was designated “Shaanxi Provincial Clinical Research Center for Immunologic Skin Diseases”.
5. New achievements were made in scientific research: 6 projects were funded by Natural Science Foundation of China; 21 pieces of work (4 with an IF>5) were published in SCI-indexed journals.
6. The department coped with healthcare reform with caution; scale and safety in medical service was in steady growth.
7. A provincial key project of teaching reform entitled “A Study on Teaching Medical Student about Communication with Patients” concluded with success. Communicating with Patients and Cosmetic Dermatology were enlisted in optional courses of the Fourth Military Medical University.
8. Diverse training courses were held with success: The 8th National Summit for Chairman Dermatologists, The 12th National Seminar of Cosmetic Dermatology, The 5th Advanced Training Program of Cosmetic Dermatology, the 4th National Seminar on Standard Treatment for Psoriasis, The 2nd Xi’an International Forum on Psoriasis, etc.
9. Young dermatologist Jixin Gao and nurse Tingting Yang finished their 2-month medical service to a training troop on highland. They were commended for their high performance and study of skin diseases in high and cold area.
10. PhD student Xiaowen Wang’s article was selected a conference speech at 2015 SID Annual Meeting. Academic exchanges were heated in the year: 25 attendances to conferences at abroad and 15 international speakers invited to the department.